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If you are running a business that doesn't need a full time book-keeper but you are too busy to keep up to date with paperwork then Kiemac can do this for you on a weekly basis.

If you do not have the time to do your payroll or CIS returns or are not familiar with the on-line process let Kiemac take on the hassle.

If you are self-employed or in partnership Kiemac can register you with HMRC, prepare your income & expenditure accounts, calculate any tax you owe and submit to HMRC on your behalf.

If you are a limited company Kiemac can prepare your year-end accounts, calculate any corporation tax owing and submit on your behalf to both HMRC & Companies Registry.

Why should I use Kiemac Accounting?

Fast, reliable, friendly accountancy services. A small local firm specialising in small local businesses who need help with their book-keeping and accountancy requirements. Whether you need someone for 1 hour a week or 1 day a week Kiemac Accounting can suit your needs.

But accountants scare me!

No need to be scared, Kiemac Accounting makes everything easy, small to large businesses, we work with everyone in every situation.

What do I need to do to get started in business?

Whether you are starting up as self-employed, part of a partnership or as a limited company contact Kiemac Accounting for a quick, easy & comprehensive guide to get you started.

What documentation do I need to bring?

Each type of business will need to bring different documentation to their meeting. A quick phonecall to Kiemac will clarify what all we need to complete your work.

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